About Eucalyptus Stoneware

Shop imagesEucalyptus Stoneware was founded in 1974 by California artisan, John Laver.

Influenced by his grandfather, a gifted Italian sculptor, John enrolled in a ceramics class in college and fell in love with the earthy smell and silky feel of clay...this is where it all began.  Five years later, John opened Eucalyptus Stoneware in a rustic warehouse in Del Mar, CA, along the banks of the San Dieguito River Lagoon. Our pottery's backyard is seaweed, starfish, and octopus. We watch the ducks fly in for the winter and shorebirds wade past in the summer. The constancy of the ocean's tide breathes a rhythm into our work.

Our Eucalyptus Stoneware family is made up of loyal, dedicated artisans, many whom have been with us for over 20 years.  It is hard to believe that a small pottery can still exist in the busy climate of Southern California, but we like to maintain our "small town" image, priding ourselves in personal customer service. Our baskets are 100% handmade in the USA, right here at our original location.

Our ovenware baskets make great gifts as they have become a true American classic. Most people see them as a lovely centerpiece, but you can actually warm them in the oven, and they will help keep your breads warm during the meal. The airy weave keeps fruit fresh too. We offer 16 different colors to complement any decor.

We all invite you to drop by in you are ever in Del Mar.

However, after 40 years we will be closing our pottery in early 2015. It's been a great run!!

John Laver